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People Behind 10Mins1Page


Nicollette Buddington

From humble beginnings in New Orleans and the Bronx,  Nicollette Buddington always had a love and passion for helping her community. This first-generation American child of Jamaican Immigrants embraced her uniqueness from an early age. If you want to know just who Nicollette is, she is an old soul, a health care educator/ patient advocate, a food connoisseur, a leader, a part of the LGBTQTIA+ community, a sister, mother of three but most of all a lover of life and humanity. Nicollette’s huge heart stems from the love of her family that has guided and encouraged her to follow this path in creating a safe space such as 10mins1page. Seeing a person express their deepest, most inner thoughts on paper that can help them overcome their many challenges is the driving force behind the creation of this extraordinary initiative. As a person who understand the struggles we face in life, Nicollette was led to bring 10Mins1Page to life in the most unconventional way to bring her community together.


“Your Journal is like your bestfriend, You don't have to pretend with it, you can be honest and write exactly how you feel” 
– Bukola Ogunwale

Meet 10Mins1Page's Executive Staff


Gina Arriola


Gina Arriola is a Mental Health Advocate who lives with a Mental Illness. She has an Associate’s Degree in Medical Office Technology from Technical Career Institute: College of Technology. She has certificates in Mental Health First Aid and Human Services. She is also certified in NARCAN administration. Gina's goal for 10Mins1Page is to help people make mental hygiene a part of their daily lives. Fun fact about Gina is that she loves the color pink and she is a proud Garifuna American. 


Khambria Blain


Khambria is a smart savvy business woman, artist, beauty guru, wife and mom of four from South Florida. With her Bachelor's degree in History, she brings an incredible amount of knowledge to 10Mins1Page. She is a vital key in the formation of 10Mins1Page. Fun Fact about Khambria is that she loves trying new foods and she loves music. She is a great singer!


Natalie Harvey


Natalie is a woman that wears many hats. She is a mother, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor, the author of Natalia’s Words of Wisdom (Finding my Way - Volume 1), Publisher, Healthcare professional and so much more. As a first-generation Barbadian-American, Natalie’s life belief is that no matter what obstacle comes your way, you face them with your head held high and with pride. The core values of what 10mins1page stands for is at the heart of who Natalie is. Natalie’s goal for 10Mins1Page is to reach people where they are and letting them know that it is okay to be at any stage at your journey. Fun fact about Natalie is that she is a great cook.

Notebook and Pen

Board Members

Grant Advisor

  • Angelica Acosta

  • Jaydeen DeCambre

  • Christina Feal

  • Shanelle Pendergrass

  • Brandon Tate

  • Rholda Taylor

  • Melanie Ponce

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