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How is 10Mins1Page Conducted?

We conduct 10Mins1Page at any community based organization such as after-school programs, drop-in programs, churches, community centers and even online. We also conduct one on one private journaling tips. All we need is a pen, paper and a few minutes of your time!

Description of a 10Mins1Page Session

  1. We open up with an quick introductory session- Anything can happen while introducing ourselves! It's all about creating a safe space.

  2. ​Usually there is a topic that we as a group talk about. This is usually planned out in advance so people can choose to join a session.

  3. After we talk about said topic......It's journaling time for 10 minutes of course. One page is required. If you don't want to journal, you can always color or scribble on your page. If 10Mins1Page is done virtually, people can always turn off their cameras to write. After 10 minutes, everyone will be notified that time is up.

  4. It's a wrap, we conclude our topic .People can share what they wrote for this session. If not, we will share how we feel after writing in their journal and say our goodbyes. 

What Our Clients Say

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Image by Prophsee Journals


"10Mins1Page brings all people from all walks of life together so that we can learn from each other and share our wants, fears, and where we are in life"
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