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10Mins1Page-501C3 Update


I hope everyone is well, I have some great news!

We got approved!!!!!!!

We are officially obtained a 501c3 status!!!!

This has been a long time coming, I know that many people wanted to donate to help me with overhead and labor costs because I am technically a one-woman show. I was afraid to go balls to the wall and ask for donations because I wanted to make sure all donors get their fair credit back after donating to 10Mins1Page.

I am glad one of the biggest parts of having a functioning non-profit is over....for now!

—I just have to let everyone know, I applied all on my own, no consultations, no lawyers… I was just going on the IRS website and researched for months and months and months until I felt ready to apply. One day, I received an e-mail from USPS that showed a preview of a letter from the IRS about my determination letter. Unfortunately, it got lost in the mail! I had to call the IRS yesterday to see what was going on. The representative stated that 10Mins1Page was approved and up on the IRS website already. I felt like crying with her on the phone!!! I have to celebrate with my family and close friends!!

I want to start a fundraiser. As usual, I want to do some research before I execute and consult with my team.

Stay tuned!!!

I am definitely going to cry randomly all week. I am so happy. I just cannot wait to help my community .

Here is the determination letter!

I am very excited for the future!

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